Component to VGA schematic??

by Shadow787470
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Mar1-11, 03:08 AM
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Anyone know where i can find a schematic for a component to VGA adapter? A friend is looking to make one so he can use his ps3 on his monitor but says most of the store bought ones are quite expensive and have lots of extra features. We are both engineering majors so making one seems logical. He has done a bit of research but wasnt able to find a simple component to vga diagram.
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Mar1-11, 07:20 AM
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Does the monitor support YPbPr? Or can the PS3 be set to output RGB and does the monitor support synch-on-green and HDTV resolutions? If so, then it's a simple matter of connecting Y to green, Pr to red, Pb to blue, and ground to ground.

Otherwise, you're out of luck. RGB and YPbPr are different color spaces. There is a reason those adapters are expensive.

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