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How to build a device to measure in angstroms

by h3x3n
Tags: angstroms, measurements
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Nov30-12, 06:29 AM
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I was looking at a micrometer and wondered how one could build a similar device for meauring in angstroms. Could someone point to some theory that discusses the same ( for example if i have to forge a screw what would be its parameters)

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Simon Bridge
Nov30-12, 06:51 AM
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You use an "interferometer" to measure in angstroms.

To work out the parameters of a screw version, you'd have to work out how many turns of the screw had to correspond to 10 angstroms (say) - which tells you the threading.
Then you need something to amplify the change - since an angstrom is too small to see: you won't be able to read the scale let alone the vernier. For that matter, you'd have trouble marking out scratches an atom-width apart. So you really want the thing to be geared so that y millimeters movement in the scale corresponds to x angstroms movement at the ends.

You'd have to do something about the ends of the clamp too since the sorts of things you need to measure to angstrom scale are likely to get damaged by the usual screw micrometer ends. Note that such a scale is too fine to be manipulated by hand.
Nov30-12, 07:27 AM
P: 15
Thanks a ton for quick and effective response

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