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Game of Thrones is overrated

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Jan1-13, 11:16 PM
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I have recently finished watching the first season of "Game of Thrones" and I must say it must be one of the most overrated shows I have ever watched. I know this will probably annoy many people but I just cannot understand the allure of it. I invite you to tell me whether you agree or disagree with me and why. Keep in mind that I have not read the books and therefore I am only commenting on the show. At any rate these are my reasons for thinking as I do:

1) The amount of sex and nudity in the show is at best unnecessary and at worst revolting. While generally I am uncomfortable with nudity in shows I am perfectly fine with it as long as it advances the story line or has some sort of purpose. For example I understand the scene with the blonde girl and the savage (forgive me I have forgotten their names). That scene helps develop the girl's character, but every other sex scene is just unnecessary. Although, I suppose all of that nudity is part of the allure; it draws in a bunch of lonely teenagers. Furthermore, the show is very nearly sexist. All of the men in this show seem to use prostitutes on a daily basis. Aside from a few of the noble women the rest are whores. Admittedly if you were to compare the era in Game of Thrones to the Middle Ages it would make sense that women on the show are not treated equally but they shouldn't all work in brothels.

2) Dickens would often take a morally good character who wasn't extremely interesting on his/her own and surround them with extremely dynamic characters. It seems to me that this show takes a basically good and honourable character (Ned) who isn't very interesting on his own and surrounds him with even duller characters. In fact many of them (ie: Geoffrey, Robert, the blonde Queen, Ned's daughter who plays with swords and the sword master) are so archetypal that they border on cliche. How many times in other works of fiction have we met the eccentric master, the girl who doesn't want to follow the traditional path for girls, the bratty prince who has too much power, the scheming Queen and the fat and lazy King. They none of them are original. As well, even the characters who may not be as cliched as the others are rather boring and two dimensional. With the exception of the blonde Khaleesi none of them go through any sort of character development throughout the entire season.

3) This next reason is something that doesn't really matter as it is simply a hangup of mine, but I feel it is worth mentioning. Although the amount of blood and gore isn't too, too much, the fact that when bloody scenes happen it is generally extremely gruesomendid put me off a little. This is mainly because I generally enjoy a snack with movies or shows of movie like intensity and the gore did stop me from eating.

I don't mean to say that "Game of Thrones" is a bad show, but it seems to me that due to all of it's faults it does not deserve the high praise it has been getting. If you disagree feel free to express your opinion. Although I am unlikely to watch the second season please do not spoil any thing from it in your comments. I may still watch it if you convince me that the show is better than I give it credit it for.
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Jan1-13, 11:28 PM
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Game of Thrones is overrated
No, it is not.

Jan2-13, 12:31 AM
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Quote Quote by rootX View Post
No, it is not.
here, It's really not over rated, it is the only show I've watched as it came out since the late 90's.

I am not bothered by nudity or violence even if it is gratuitous. Quite a few people wants to see attractive people doing "morally questionable" things together and they want to see some ones head get chopped off. It's more interesting than my average day and miss Stormborn has dragons.

I like classic literature too, but I wouldn't compare a comic book to it just as much as I wouldn't compare it to a TV show (even if it is based off of a book), they are completely different mediums for telling a story. Maybe one could better compare the GoT books to classic work but it is still a very different group of people living now.

I could see the show not being for everyone, for some of the exact reasons Jow cited, but I also see the show doing very well, and it wouldn't be if it wasn't what a lot of people wanted to see.

Jan2-13, 07:37 AM
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Game of Thrones is overrated

Does that about sum it up?

1) Sex and nudity doesn't bother most viewers.

2) The show wasn't written by Dickens.

3) Gore doesn't bother most viewers either.
Jan2-13, 11:01 AM
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When I compared Game of Thrones to Dickens I did not mean that all fiction must be of the same greatness as his books were. Rather I meant to comment on how much entertainment has changed. Dickens was immensely popular in his day. He wrote in periodicals (which would be the closest thing to television in Victorian England). It seems to me that what our society considers as entertainment has completely shifted. Instead of good story telling with characters one could become emotionally attached to we have excessive sex and violence. I don't mean to offend anybody's taste but I simply cannot understand why people like it SO much. To me all it is, is socially acceptable pornography and a lot of blood.
So to answer Jack21222's question I am not simply an old man yelling at a cloud. I am a fifteen year old trying to understand why Game of Thrones is so praised by almost everyone when it has no real substance. (Although, I understand that some of the things I said, especially my aversion to sex, could give the impression of me being an old man).
Jan2-13, 11:12 AM
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I agree, GOT is overrated. There simply isn't enough sex and gore in that movie for my taste. I mean we have to wait for three seasons to even get some damn zombies. Really boring stuff.
Jimmy Snyder
Jan2-13, 11:18 AM
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Quote Quote by David Perdue
This theme is further explored in Nicholas Nickleby. Unprimed modern readers may fail to pick up the clues. To understand what is going on in the scene where Uncle Ralph offers to find Kate employment with Mrs. Mantalini, that milliners’ shops were renowned places where men could pick up tarts:

Dressmakers in London, as I need not remind you, ma'am, who are so well acquainted with all matters in the ordinary routine of life, make large fortunes, keep equipages, and become persons of great wealth and fortune....

Mrs. Nickleby is too unworldly to realize that "milliner" was more or less a euphemism for prostitute. Many seamstresses took to prostitution as a means of supporting themselves. Dressmakers' shops were notorious as pick-up places for prostitutes and their clients. Readers of Nicholas Nickleby in the late 1830's would comprehend the hints from the descriptions of Madame Mantalini's premises, and the behaviour of Sir Mulberry Hawk.
Dickens and Sex
He was a pioneer, Game of Thrones is a follower.
Jan2-13, 11:30 AM
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Admittedly, although the book series is quite good, there are many better books in the world.

But compared to much of the ...manure... thats on tv, its really a very good show.

Perhaps the OP can suggest to us something better to watch.
Jan2-13, 11:43 AM
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Quote Quote by Jow View Post
So to answer Jack21222's question I am not simply an old man yelling at a cloud. I am a fifteen year old trying to understand why Game of Thrones is so praised by almost everyone when it has no real substance.
Sorry but isn't Game of Thrones R18?

Every one has different tastes. I don't really care what someone else thinks but I loved first two seasons and I know third season is going to be even more awesome as I have read the 3rd novel.
Jan2-13, 01:10 PM
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There's a Game of Thrones class this semester at my university. I think that may be too much. I've seen every episode and plan to follow it through to the end, but I agree it is a little overrated.
Jan2-13, 01:49 PM
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Quote Quote by ZombieFeynman View Post
Perhaps the OP can suggest to us something better to watch.
I don't watch TV, nothing is very good on television. I suppose that is one of the reasons Game of Thrones is so highly praised. Because it is not tragically flawed it is considered great compared to other things. The only show I actually follow is Doctor Who.
Jan2-13, 02:30 PM
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I find the books to be very fun to read. The story and characters are wonderful. I honestly haven't enjoyed a fantasy story quite so much since The Once & Future King (not making a comparison of literary merit).

I've not seen the television show, but others who have experienced both the books and the show tell me that the show -- while good and enjoyable -- does not quite do the books justice (as is often the case).
Jan2-13, 02:37 PM
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EricVT, I was considering reading the books, even though I do not care for the show. I know the books are almost always better than their TV/movie counterparts. I generally enjoy fantasy so the books may be enjoyable. Although I have been hard on the show, I would like to give the novels a try before I decide to dislike the franchise.
Jan2-13, 06:21 PM
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Quote Quote by EricVT View Post
I've not seen the television show, but others who have experienced both the books and the show tell me that the show -- while good and enjoyable -- does not quite do the books justice (as is often the case).
I cant remember ever seeing something (tv or movie) that does as much justice to the respective books as GoT, to me.

To the OP, if one dislikes all things on tv, one may that they dislike a particular program. I also do not watch much tv. Ive never seen Dr Who, but Ive heard many good things. Breaking Bad is a similarly well written show as GoT, in my opinion. I think to say nothing is good on the television thing is wrong; such a statement is the height of hubris. Plenty of people find plenty of programming very good. Its a subjective statement. As is what is, and is not, overrated.

Also, to me you have criticized peripheral elements of the show.

1. You think the sex doesnt advance the show. I would argue that a large number of the sex scenes do advance the show and character development. I am sure if you named when a scene happened, i could explain how that scene enhanced the show beyond "sex sells".

2. Dickens didnt write game of thrones. Name your favorite work of fiction. I bet i can reduce its characters down to two or three word phrases. I think the characters are well written and quite thoroughly gray in their morality.

3. Youre upset by violence in a show about essentially warfare and political subterfuge in a violent, cruel, morally ambiguous hellhole? Thats interesting.

But im a zombie, so i cant even think, let alone analyze works of fiction.
Jan2-13, 06:57 PM
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I have no problem with nudity or gore, but GOT was lame, didn't make it past the fest episode.

The thing that annoying is that the nudity/gore seems to be a fill in for actual material.

I like American Horror Story, for instance. The acting and writing are (uually) good.
Jan2-13, 06:59 PM
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Things to watch instead:

American Horror Story
Boss (with Kelsey Grammer)
Jan2-13, 07:06 PM
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ZombieFeynman: I do not dislike all things on TV. I should not have said that "nothing is very good on television" (I agree that to make such a statement is very arrogant). Rather, I should have said I have not seen many good things on television. This is of course mainly due to the fact that I rarely watch it, so I apologize for making such a sweeping statement; mea culpa.
1) I must disagree with your opinion that a large number of the sex scenes advance the show and character development. While it is true that during some of the sex scenes certain characters develop (I am reluctant to use the word "develop" as most characters stay two-dimensional through out the season), it is also true that these characters did not need to be naked during this time of development. The sex itself did not further the story. (Just for fun explain to me how the scene where the male Targaryan was in the bath with a prostitute helped develop his character).
2) As I stated before I realize that no one will ever be able to write like Dickens again, I was just making a comparison to the popular entertainment of our day to that of Victorian England. My favourite work of fiction would be The Lord of the Rings. Although I don't see how that is relevant because the characters in any work can be "reduced" down to two or three word phrases. The fact of the matter is, when you take the characters of a Game of Thrones and sum them up in two or three word phrases you are not "reducing" because they are already two-dimensional. As well, you can have two/three word phrase characters and still have very dynamic ones. In Game of Thrones however most of the characters are, as I said, simply cliches.
3) If you had read my original post carefully you would have seen that I prefaced my point against violence with "the next reason is something that doesn't really matter". I am not upset by it, I just think it is a little off putting. I realize that the matter of violence is a completely subjective one, I just felt that for the purpose of covering all the reasons I was not impressed by the show I ought to have mentioned it.
Jan2-13, 07:08 PM
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Thank you Pythagorean. I was starting to believe that I was the only person that doesn't like Game of Thrones. I have had this same debate with friends and family; it is nice to find someone who actually agrees.

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