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Belt conveyor problem

by hpla
Tags: belt, conveyor
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Feb14-13, 10:12 AM
P: 11
hey ... i need help with this problem

Grain density=700 kg/m^3
velocity of belt=1.3 m/sec
wide of belt = 50cm

1- real Length
2- conveing wight

look at pic

My answer :

1- sin(30)= 5\L
L= 10 * 2.5= 25m

2- conveing wight i need help with it
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Feb14-13, 03:38 PM
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Oh so many colors.
I don't understand how you tried to calculate the length, but the result is wrong. The tangens is not really useful here.

What is "conveing wight"? And do you have some height of the material on the conveyor?

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