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How does the Random number generator works?

by Eagle9
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Aug22-14, 01:50 PM
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with the desire to detect anomalies in the data output of the generators, and correlate this with world events,
It seems to me, that If they ever find a correlation, their generators are not truly random.
Why are you so sure? Maybe there really is an unknown reason which can allow the consciousness to affect the laws of Physics?

Computers can generate truly random numbers, but they need special hardware for it to record some physical random process, like random motion of particles in the atmosphere or in a resistor or even quantum mechanics.
But what kind of generators did those scientists (Roger D. Nelson or others) use?

for this experiment,
To some extent it does not really matter which is used, as long as one knows the deviation from purely random the pseudo random generator is performing, and one knows how to statistically determine the probability of the deviation.
Well, actually what I want is to find out if the consciousness can affect on performance of various devices (or even-on laws or Physics) or not? Or what it was shown in this movie is simply flim-flam?
Aug22-14, 02:53 PM
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