Wikipedia as accurate as Britannica

by Pengwuino
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Dec14-05, 11:14 PM
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Wikipedia, the encyclopedia that relies on volunteers to pen nearly 4 million articles, is about as accurate in covering scientific topics as Encyclopedia Britannica, the journal Nature wrote in an online article published Wednesday.
*claps for wiki* thats pretty neat.
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Dec15-05, 01:34 AM
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I am part of Wikipedia's counter vandalism unit. We are doing a good job I just got the VandalFighter 2.2 Java program. I'm happy

Also, it tends to be biographical articles that people vandalize (by deletion, misinformation, or just leaving their mark on the page). The article on Green Day was recently locked, from excessive repeated vandalism. People saying how they are neo-nazi, Satanist, etc.. The JFK article was recently in the news for this sort of thing too. Some losers decide to go in and put up wrong information. BOOO!!! You suck guys!~

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