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Matlab input function

by elbarto
Tags: function, input, matlab
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Aug28-08, 10:53 PM
P: 33
Hi all,
Can someone please help me with my matlab code. I am trying to get the program to quite if the user tries to input a non-numeric value, and will display an error message. I have got it to work useing the matlab input('promt','s') command, but i dont want to use this command because a user cant enter 5/100 etc.
Here is my code.

j = input('number?:')
if isnan(j)==1
    disp('Input must be a number, Function will terminate')
I would just like to know if there is a simply way to do this, if not I will use the command I used before and use the eval function I think...

Thank You

Regards Elbarto
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