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Perpetual motion machines: possible?

by noreply2
Tags: machines, motion, perpetual
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Sep17-04, 11:00 AM
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Quote Quote by maps
-- Dr. Lee De Forest, inventor of the vacuum tube and father of television.

Never say never. Never say impossible. Every one of today's advances in science were all considered "impossible" by the scientific elite of the past. Instead of denying it, why don't you present day scientific elite (geniuses ) work on it?
To expand on what enigma said, what you have here is a very common misunderstanding of the difference between science and technology (engineering). Dr. Forest would certainly not have claimed that space travel violated the laws of physics. Same goes for the commonly cited "sound barrier" issue. These and others are engineering problems that many scientists/engineers/inventers never thought we'd solve.

Perpetual motion machines, on the other hand (self-powering machines that produce excess energy forever) directly violate the laws of physics.
Sep20-04, 06:36 AM
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Brown perpetual motion machine can be called as the perpetual motion machine of the first category without energy consumption and doing work permanently. There would be no mankind if without them. After reading the article, Maybe you would say, “Yes, indeed !”

Any substances, due to the subtle and inevitable causes in the boundless cosmos, all follow the self-possessed and permanently-existed golden rules to continually move. Inside of this great and exact truth I----a true Brown perpetual motion machine----am included!
Actually, the Brown motion the people at today are familiar with has already been available before Brown, a great scientist in the 19th century, found the motion entitled with his name! Accordingly, people should get to know the true fact of me, the [Brown perpetual motion machine] existing simultaneously with the said motion!
To a gaseous (or liquid) physical isolated system thermally balanced with the outside world: it is an isolated system without exchanging quantity of heat or energy with the outside world while keeping the internal energy unchanged, it is me----Brown perpetual motion machine!
I am able to do work continually for the Brown particles (those suspending in a gas or liquid) getting into the system of mine with the force source from the collision by the countless molecules inside of the system! By contrast to the definition upon the perpetual motion machine of the first category, I am really a thoroughgoing perpetual motion machine, i.e. [ a kind of the machine able to do work permanently without consuming any energy].
Just like the extra-micro car which can safely drive forever, the mileage of every Brown particle inside of the isolated physical system of mine will get quickly increased along with the lapse of time. In case of the measurement of the work I have done for it, then: [time goes ahead without end, so does the work’s growth!]
In case a gas of a dissenting kind gets into some gas groups belonging to mine, I can give effect to have the community of the molecules of such kind of gas dispersed and reduced till the molecules evenly mixed with each other (nitrogen, oxygen etc. in the atmosphere are so mixed).
The same function can also make the molecule community of the solutes in various solutions differentiated and expanded till becoming a solution of an even concentration.
In all, such a truth that I often make the coexistence of many substances to be a harmonious status comes more important than the find-out of the perpetual motion machine and in the world there is a great deal of such a fact as the objective laws bring benefit to mankind in silence while people do not get to know them!
Because of my existence, the people being sunk in sleep will not die from stifling when they are drowned out by the piled carbon dioxide exhaled from themselves.
Because of my existence, anywhere in the evenly proportional atmosphere there is enough oxygen for people to share life.
Because of my existence, the generous sea shows its fairness furthermore (all kinds of the substances inside of it required by mankind are evenly distributed, as: table salt, heavy water, ……).
Because of my existence, numerous harmful substances (small as coal gas leak, big as the hazard biochemical weapon etc.) are lost to sight with their target of attack to wreak havoc.
I am really a natural and worthful [perpetual motion toxic remover] and [perpetual motion material transmitter] !
What is more worth rejoicing is: the effect of the Brown perpetual motion machine can still exist even if in the environment with temperature rising or lowering! Just due to that, I am made able to bring my competences making benefit to mankind and removing numerous dangers into full play all day.
Without me, people would have died before they got to know what is the carbon dioxide, therefore there would be no mankind if without me, which is so clear just as there would be no mankind if without air!
The wonderful arrangement in the universe creation can not be lack of either air or me, mankind started existing and multiplying therefrom with the result in forming the negation towards the perpetual motion machine. Said upon this----such a negated conclusion towards the perpetual motion machine completely comes from myself!
I have never complained the arrangement in the universe creation nor the defect of mankind, because what is the bounden duty of mankind is to seek truth, provided that people could know the truth which brings them some benefits is really a truth, this is no doubt a kind of advance!

Made up upon the oral account of Brown perpetual motion machine.
Sep20-04, 10:00 AM
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Brownian motion is not perpetual motion.
Sep21-04, 09:03 AM
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I think this thread has run its course, and I'm getting tired of deleting crackpot posts from it. Any objections? Good.

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