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MatLab7.6 : Graphical User Interface Questions

by BrIDo
Tags: gui, interface, matlab, programming, user
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Oct13-09, 06:33 AM
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1. The problem statement, all variables and given/known data

I've been assigned the task of creating a graphical user interface in Matlab 7.6, for a program already written. I haven't coded in Matlab before and I'm completely new to the program and interface.

My question is not so much specific, but more about what can be achieved.

Is it possible by means of programming to have a user interface change? Is it possible to create/destroy objects mid program?

Ideally what I am trying to is something along the lines of a drop down menu, which depending on the selection, changes the text boxes/choices the user can make, without having to run another script.

Any advice and help, much appreciated.
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Oct14-09, 10:25 AM
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You should follow the examples of creating GUIs in Matlab help.

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