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Diffusion Limited Aggregation Matlab

by leviathanX777
Tags: aggregation, diffusion, limited, matlab
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Nov23-09, 08:49 AM
P: 42
Hello, I got this project to show DLA on matlab. I have to write up the pseudocode, which is basically just a code explaining the bare bones of the solution. It contains no coding. I'm just wondering if I have enough information or if i'm running low. Its the first time I heard of DLA so I'm not sure if my pseudocode is good.

Create a system of 100 particles with 100 time steps. A (0,0) empty matrix particle. 51 x 51 matrix of zeros. Plot the trajectory. The mean displacement is zero. Generate random numbers using the 'rand' function in matlab. Insert the first particle seed. This lands and stays. At the origin generate a particle some distance away. Within 10 steps of the origin. This is randomly selected. A 2d random walk is created, to create the random motion of the particles. The second part is to investigate when the particle joins a cluster.

I dunno if i've described as well as I good above but i'm new to this topic. Any help is appreciated.
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