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Abt universal motor

by djsourabh
Tags: motor, universal
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Mar9-11, 10:10 PM
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Can i use a universal motor for pumping water?
its speed may be around 6000 rpm & except gears what would be useful for coupling the pump?
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Mar10-11, 08:46 AM
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It can be done, just make sure you are able to properly isolate the motor from the wet environment (water + electric motor = bad).

Instead of gears, you could use a set of pulleys with a belt, or sprockets with a chain.
Mar14-11, 09:46 AM
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If this pump is to be used continuously for long periods then an induction motor would probably be better. But, I imagine you already have a universal motor in your hand?

What sort of pumping application do you have? Central Heating pumps work very well for years and years. They are low speed induction motors, designed for the job - low pressure, low volume.

Belt drive would give electrical isolation and could give a speed reduction of 5:1 or better. What do you need?

It always helps to have more details in questions like this.

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