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How to reach my career?

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Oct18-11, 12:53 PM
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I'm interested in Ethology Anthropology which studies human culture in a historic and comparative perspective. I'm in my Junior year of High School and my question is what majors will separate me from the people I'm competing with and what classes will help me prepare or get a better perspective of my career goals. I asked a similar question and a man said to basically their isn't any high school classes that will help and that it's a good idea that I study for a broad area of anthropology just in case my goals fall short. I agree with him on the last part Anthropology has 4 major fields but what can I do now to help benefit me to reach my future goals? Any reliable websites, suggestions, ect will be extremely helpful.
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Oct18-11, 02:13 PM
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As a junior in high school the best thing you can really do at this point is read up on subjects that interest you. It's okay to start with the popular science books as these will introduce you to some of the bigger questions, establish the context in which people are searching for answers and will generally do it in an entertaining way.

Take classes that will give you a good background in science and social sciences. Social science high-school curricula tend to vary so it's difficult to say what exactly to take. The advantage of this is that anthropology courses in university tend to start out as introductory courses.
Oct18-11, 02:26 PM
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Alright thanks thats the best answer I've heard all day. I've been trying to read up on anthropology but nothing comes up they give info on colleges that have it, and the fields but not like what they want educationally.

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