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While loops in Mathematica

by AxiomOfChoice
Tags: loops, mathematica
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Nov26-11, 02:40 PM
P: 529
I am trying to do some Newton's method-type stuff in Mathematica.

I want to build a While loop that does the following:

- Take input r.
- Compute some quantity f(r).
- Update the value of r to f(r).

- Repeat until |g(r)| < C for some fixed constant C.

The third (boldfaced) step is the one I'm having trouble with. I don't know how to do this. Can someone help?
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Bill Simpson
Nov26-11, 08:10 PM
P: 1,030
Something like this?

r=Input["What's r?"];(*Enter something between -1 and 1 *)

If that doesn't give you enough then we need to see what you have already done

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