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Where to get real Trinitite?

by Opus_723
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Dec7-11, 02:54 AM
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Just out of curiosity, where could one get a hold of authentic Trinitite from the original blast? My university Geology department has one under a glass case, and for some reason I'm itching to own a piece. Seems like an awfully suitable trinket for a physics major to have.

I see them on ebay, but I'm way to skeptical for that. And most of the sites that appear to be selling it are right in that "are they frauds, or just bad at making websites?" zone that makes me uncomfortable. Or they offer so many certificates of authenticity that I feel like they're overcompensating.

Anyway, I didn't know where else to ask. Seemed like someone around might know more.
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Dec7-11, 09:57 AM
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Dec10-11, 11:33 AM
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Did the first link that Mech_Engineer pointed to help ?
The only Trinitite on the market is old stock from before the 1950's ban. This material is safe to own (stored properly) because the most dangerous isotopes have a short-life and they have since degraded into less-harmful decay products. However, this material still has residual radioactivity and will set off a Geiger counter.

Just to be clear for everyone - it is legal to own this material and it is legal to sell this material. It is also legal to ship small quantities of trinitite inside the US. It is *not* legal to go to the Trinity site, hop the fence, and dig up more material. All of the Trinitite on the market was gathered before the prohibition.

CAUTION - Keep trinitite away from children, pets, or curious hands. This is considered a collectible for advanced mineral collectors of radioactive ores and related materials.

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