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How to calculate length of arc?

by BrandonDouglas
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Jan17-13, 04:39 AM
P: 2
First of all, Hi, I'm Brandon! :) 18 Years old currently doing A Levels - Uni End of this year!

(Not Homework - Coursework!)
So I have this design of a speaker system for my Product Design course in A-Level.
There are 3 arcs in my design that I need to know the length of for when my school orders the materials to my specific measurements.

Here is a picture with measurements of my design from SolidWorks CAD Software.

The arc at the top is 100mm high and the side arcs would be 50mm
All measurements in mm. I hope this is enough info for you to help me!
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Jan17-13, 07:02 AM
P: 928
So you know the radius of a circular arc and you know the length of a chord of that arc.

Can you draw a right triangle anywhere?
Jan17-13, 07:18 AM
P: 2,939
does solidworks cad have a function to tell you the length by selecting the arcs of interest?

THis link seems to imply that:

and here at solidworks cad site:

Jan17-13, 07:51 AM
P: 2
How to calculate length of arc?

Thank you Jed! - I thought it must have a feature to do so! - hence why I added that I had used it.

Thank you very much guys, sorted!

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