Magnetic Flux & Electric Flux

by Revati
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May4-05, 08:15 AM
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Hello Group Members

I was needing some candid explanation or guidance on what are similarities and differences between magnetic flux and electric flux.

One thing I know of is that magnetic flux acts on ferromagnetic material whereas Electric flux acts on any oppositely charged material.

Another being that Magnetic flux is always a closed loop( as magnet is a dipole) where as this may not be necessarily true for electric flux.

This is what I can think of, I would really appreciate further comments for one or all of you.

Thanks and Regards,
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May4-05, 02:44 PM
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Are you sure you're not confusing 'flux' and 'field'?

A flux is just an integral over a surface, and hence a number. It doesn't make sense to talk about it as being closed or not.

The characteristic of closure is a characteristic of the magnetic field however.
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May5-05, 11:58 PM
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Thanks for clarifying.

Yes I admit that I was a bit confused when I said flux. I should have mentioned field instead.

Thanks and Regards,

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