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    Albert Einstein's Riddle

    I believe you are mistaken. That was my deduction some time ago. The chart looks like this ------------|1st|-------|2nd|---------|3rd|--------|4th|---------|5th|---- Nation--| Norwegian--||Danish-||-----British---||German---||Swedish-------|| Color...
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    If a tree falls in the woods

    Quantum physics suggests that when you aren't looking at an object it doesn't exist, or exists in a vague and undetermined state. When something falls (yet it doesn't exist) does the nonexistent object make a nonexistent sound? No. But if we postulate that the tree does exist, then as...
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    Will humans ever really understand why the universe exists?

    Hahaha... right. You do know that if it does transform into a black hole no one is going to notice it. It will be massive...for it's size, but it wouldn't transform US into a black hole, nor would it transform anything except the mazons into a black hole. Back to the topic. Of course we...
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    How to prove existence?

    you can't prove anything exists besides yourself. Search the archives, and you'll find some deep conversation on the concept of existence. That wouldn't work octelgodopod, due to he could say something along the lines "If I don't exist then I'm not asking you this question, prove to me my...
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    Does random exist?

    i remember a randomness existence thread somewhere in the archives.. anyway. True randomness is in the eye of the beholder.. I personally don't believe in randomness. Chaos isn't even randomness, just disorganization.
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    Have you accepted death yet?

    I'm rather young, and I haven't accepted death. Yet I don't fear death. To fear death is to limit life, and every day is a good day to die. No day is a good day to throw your life away. Granted, I've almost died 7 times...but still If i get hit with death, I want no regrets in the times...
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    Hen Precedes Egg, Mother Precedes Infant

    Ahh. the egg only came before the chicken one generation(the very first time) everytime after that I'm relatively certain the chicken came first. I see the question of "Which came first the chicken or the egg?" as flawed. Mainly because the chicken came through mutation and natural selection...
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    Immature= nonconformist

    In the terms of your context, then immature can mean nonconformist. But in general terms, I think you are asking, "Is the word 'immature' now slanged to describe 'noncomformity'?" I don't really think that happens around the country, probably only in your experience. In philosophy you have to...
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    Albert Einstein's Riddle

    A chart seems like the most useful tool to help solve this riddle: Five columns for the five houses, and five rows for nationality, house color, type of drink, type of cigar, and finally, pets. Clue #8 states the man in the middle house drinks milk, so we can start by filling in that one of the...
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    What does everything strive for? Randomness? Perfection? Conformity? Acceptance?

    Entropy...and what category does entropy fall under? Randomness? Perfection? Acceptance? Conformity?... You don't specify anything. Just a word and a link. Anyone can put a word, and make it a link." [Broken] Hmm...
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    What does everything strive for? Randomness? Perfection? Conformity? Acceptance?

    In asking this question, I am assuming randomness exists, but I cannot be certain. I am also assuming that 'perfection'. I cannot be certain of that either. I have also heard that everything strives for perfection, but I also cannot be certain. From this, I have induced that some people strive...
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    Proof of the Future

    A post to the original question How can there be no proof of the future, if the present itself is not presented with some sort of danger? If the present is not in peril, then surely the future will come without any reasonable doubt. I guess there is the possibility of the peril coming in...
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    The Mind's Eye

    The "mind's eye" of which you speak, and a scenario never before witnessed... isn't that the same thing as seeing your thoughts, or memories even? I would imagine they are very similiar, like in a dream, your brain can understand the concept of light because they have experienced it. I would...
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    Is man free to follow his conscience?

    I don't understand what you mean by that I apologize if there has been a thread similiar to this O.o
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    Is man free to follow his conscience?

    Is Man to be free to follow his conscience and worship as he sees fit or must he accept a conscience and god provided to him by our Society?