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    Archimedes Principle Problem: Floating Object

    Thank you for your response SteamKing. Yeah I did. Ah I see. Geometry is a cool little I should use more haha. Thank you for the help and I used that equation to find the area, took the answer minus the entire cross sectional area, did some more work with another helpful tool called algebra...
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    Archimedes Principle Problem: Floating Object

    Homework Statement A cylindrical log of uniform density and radius R=30.0cm floats so that the vertical distance from the water line to the top of the log is d = 12.0cm. What is the density of the log? Homework Equations Fbouyant=Wwaterdisplaced ρwater * V displaced water = ρlog *...
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    Help With Torque Problem Please

    Homework Statement A mass of 40.98kg is attached to a light string which is wrapped around a cylindrical spool of radius 10cm and moment of inertia 4.00kg * m^2. The spool is suspended from the ceiling and the mass is then released from rest a distance 5.70m above the floor. How long does it...