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    Total traslational kinetic energy problem

    Homework Statement What is the total translational kinetic energy in a classroom filled with nitrogen at 1.01 x 10^5 Pa and 20.7 degrees C? The dimensions of the classroom are 4.60 m x 5.20 m x 8.80 m. Homework Equations Translational kinetic energy can be expressed as Et = 1/2 mv2...
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    I need help with questions on using energy, thermal properties and fluids and density

    Im working on test corrections that are due tomorrow, and I was out sick for around a month and a half or so. I have been trying to find these in our book, however, our book is pretty much a big hunk of annoying weight that should be used for a campfire. Anyway, Im looking for some help with...
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    AP Physics help

    oh yes.. its 0.7 atm.. sorry typo =)
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    AP Physics help

    1. A tire of an automobile has a gauge pressure of 30 psi at the top of a mountain, and the air temperature inside the tire is 300K. The atmospheric pressure at the top of the mountain is 1.7 atm. The car is driven down to sea level, where the atmospheric pressure is 1.0 atm and the air inside...