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    Trigonometric function help

    f(x)= sin 3x - (1/2)sin x, find the period. i know the period for sin 3x is 2pi/3 and the period of sin x is 2pi but how do you subtract these? I totally forget how to do this! I mean i could find the answer with any graphing program but i want to know how to do this type of problem.
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    Is physics right for me?

    well calc. is one thing, but i hear about linear algebra and algebraic topography...those things are really high level courses. I don't want to be in my 3rd year of college only to find out im not on the right path. Hard work is no biggy to me, and math itself is really interesting to me, but...
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    Is physics right for me?

    I've always loved physics, and am constantly reading about it. Usually I just read those laymen's physics books like "a brief history of time", "the elegant universe", or "hyperspace." My math backround is only up to trig. (last class i took) and i never took high school physics. Well im going...