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    Testing Officel Physics GRE Test Prep Book

    Has anybody seen a copy of ETS's Practicing to Take the GRE Physics Test for sale anywhere? Is it too rare or is there some hope of picking one up somewhere? The REA book is, uh, less than useful. Thanks.
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    Physics book recommendation

    Jai, I'm going to have to defer to others who really know what they're talking about re: high school texts - I've only taught with higher texts. I know we have a few teachers around here who can weigh in. The best I could do for you is cruise and rehash reviews. When you get...
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    Physics book recommendation

    Jai, I don't have any first-hand experience using or teaching with algebra based books, but to get the ball rolling, it looks like Cutnell and Johnson's Physics, 5th Edition (0-471-32146-X) is used pretty widely. See if you can find it (or others) at a library to look at before thinking about...
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    Studying Great Physics Books

    Jai, this thread is in response to mattmns' request for info about undergrad physics books. If you're looking for something else, perhaps starting a thread of your own would garner more appropriate responses.
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    Studying Great Physics Books

    Check out this UChicago physics bibliography as well It seems a bit more updated, gives longer descriptions of the books, and has a link to a similar math bib.
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    Schools Physics Grad School Admission Decisions

    Here's a helpful site: You can enter your own results (anonymously) to help others who are wondering what schools have given decisions.
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    Bachelors of mathematics

    There is such an incredible shortage of math and science teachers in American public schools that many school districts are willing to grant "emergency certification" to an individual with a substantive degree (like math), but no teaching certificate. Continued employment is contingent on (among...
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    Women in Science

    I saw a relevant article on this morning entitled, "Male and female brains different, experts say." What do you guys and gals think?
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    I'm at a crossroads

    Curiosity, ZapperZ has posted a wonderful "sticky" series that you might find useful.
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    Need Help Learning Material

    omagdon7, Halliday/Resnick is one of (if not THE) most widely used introductory physics texts. Since I've taught that class from that text before, here are a few thoughts: 1) Do all the problems you can, not just the assigned ones. Get the student solutions manual to check your problem...
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    More physics

    Congrats on covering so much material while still in hs. if you are finishing up with multivariate calc now, there are a number of things that could come next. See if any of your science or math teachers will agree to supervise an "independent study" section of physics. If they will, come...
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    Psycological help

    ambuj123- I understand that you're in india, so i'm not sure what specific options are open to you, but good for you for asking for help. That may be the hardest part. If you can't talk to a professional, it might be helpful just to read about depression ( and...
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    Recommendations for math textbooks for a physics undergrad

    Linear Algebra - Strongly agree with the Strang recommendation; his book is a standard. Be sure to head over to and check out the free videotaped lectures from his linear alg. classes (course 18.06). He is a terrific lecturer. There are also plenty of homework problem sets...