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    Calculating Error In Wavelength

    Thank you very Much
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    Calculating Error In Wavelength

    Homework Statement I am unsure whether I am calculating the error correctly for the wavelength given that x=14.3,15.3,16.2,17.1,23.3 all in degrees Homework Equations \lambda=d*Sin(x) where d is my slit size in meters \frac {1}{600000} x=measured angle \delta x= 0.1 degrees...
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    Calculation of error in mass

    Thats funny I got asked the exact same question as well from my friend at U of A.
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    Measurement of e/m for electrons question

    Homework Statement Using Equations (A) and (B) explain how to obtain for e/m from the slope of an I vs. \sqrt{V}/{r} graph. Show how to calculate a value for the Earth's magnetic field BE using the intercept of the graph. Homework Equations (A) B_H = \frac{8NI \mu_0}{R \sqrt{125}} (B)...