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    Boolean-Could someone check my answer?

    I was just wondering if someone could check my answer for simplifiying the below question. \bar{(A+B)}(A+B)= X the first (A+B) has a continuous bar above it from bracket to braket. Would this be the correct way to simplifiy it? (\bar{A}*\bar{B}) + (A+B)= X...
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    More Boolean Equations

    okay after reading through this text book again i'm really confused; would the rules for solving AB(A+B)=X and (AB)(A+B)=X not be the same?
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    More Boolean Equations

    yes, the first set of brackets (AB) has a bar above it.
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    More Boolean Equations

    K, I have tried and i'm pretty sure i understand the last one however I feel that it won't hurt to ask. Basic ones I understand however when it comes to the bars above the letter and truth tables i'm still unsure about since our teacher sucks at explaining it. Which is why i'm trying to find a...
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    More Boolean Equations

    I would like to thank everyone for the help on the last Boolean Equation but know I seem to be stuck on simplifing the last two. any help in simplifing these would be excellent: Here they are; 1. (A+B)(A+B)= X THE FIRST (A+B) IN THE EQUATION HAS A CONTINIOUS BAR ABOVE...
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    Boolean Algebra AB(A+Bar)=X

    I was just wondering if anyone could lend me some guidence in the boolean equation AB(A+B)= X when the last "B" in the formula has a bar above it.. thanks