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    Using student loans for one semester - necessarily a bad decision?

    Why worry about this decision now? Think forward. We justify our decisions with future action. Make it the right decision by having a good career.
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    Want to work in nasa

    You have to be a US citizen to be an astronaut for NASA. It appears that India has a space program as well called ISRO. Perhaps that's what you should be looking at? My source is here: That also answers many of your questions. However, citizenship is...
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    From simple scientific computing into beginning development

    One of our (best) professors Lawrence Angrave (who coincidentally did his undergrad/masters/PhD at Oxford in Physics) is about to launch a course on Coursera for developing Android apps which can be found here: I don't know much about this...
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    Failing Physics Midterm

    I have. Sometimes a test will just not go your way. You have to embrace it as a learning experience and let it be a guide for improvement. You can still ace the final. I can give many examples from my personal experience. However, one that might interest you in particular is an intro quantum...
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    Which Computer science class

    As you are perfectly entitled to do. Still it is my experience and I believe that's what we're here to share, no?
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    Which Computer science class

    You've missed the point. The bigness of C++ relative to C is irrelevant in an introductory course. It's not as if you will explore the entire language -- or anything close to it. Of course, that irrelevance sort of runs both ways. Thus I don't think it matters much if this person takes an intro...
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    Which Computer science class

    I agree with you about Python or even Java but as you said, that's not an option. I'm not really sure about your 'big' statement, however. C is pretty darn big too for someone with no programming experience. I doubt the range of either them will be covered in a significant way in an intro class...
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    Which Computer science class

    Because C++ is higher level which makes the code more readable and less cryptic. I think the important thing to keep in mind here is that we're talking about 'intro' courses not mastery. On an introductory level, OOP is just easier for people to interface with.
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    Which Computer science class

    I question the advice of taking two 'intro' CS courses. The fundamentals for both should be about the same thing. If you're planning to go on to do programming in your life then either one are just a stepping stone and C and C++ should be fairly interchangeable for you at the level that you will...
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    How does one make sure that one had understood the material studied?

    I think the first threshold is being able to solve problems as said already. The second is being able to explain how to solve those problems to someone else, as said already. The third is to be able make your own problems and then answer them. If you can do all three of those things, you've got it.
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    EE Technology with no physics?

    You might also consider going to a community college first. I had no high school education at all in 2011. I was 31. I taught myself algebra/pre-algebra in a few weeks, took a basic chemistry class and a trig class and then hopped into calc and physics at a community college. It was a mess...
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    EE Technology with no physics?

    If you are driven, it is not necessary to have taken any physics before to do well in intro college physics. I did it myself. It does take some hard work but you can definitely succeed.
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    Computer Science or Electrical/Computer Engineering?

    When I see these types of numbers I have to wonder what is being considered as a 'computer scientist'. There are many low(er)-paying, less-skilled jobs that can be considered as part of CS even though they don't really require a degree. However, in the case of computer engineer, you're almost...
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    Programs In what order should I take courses as a math major?

    I'm at UIUC doing computer science and math. Until you've finished calc 3, you're going to be very limited in which math classes you can take. Calc 3 is a prerequisite for math 347 which is the intro proofs class. Besides applied versions of linear algebra and differential equations, 347 is...
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    Best Practices and Preparations for a super-intense courseload

    It depends on the school. At my school, the complete calculus sequence is a prerequisite for linear algebra. A person who does not have a solid grasp on integration by parts, for instance, could not do what we do with vector product spaces. Also, a passing knowledge of differential equations is...