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    How does RNA know?

    How does RNA "know" which DNA strand is the template strand?
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    Subshells and transition metals

    I have a question that my teacher can't answer. :( I get that with the electronic configurations for atoms, an s shell fills before a d shell but also empties before a d shell. Okay. So the last couple of subshells for iron are 4s2 3d6; Fe2+ would be 4s0 3d6 and Fe3+ would be 4s0 3d5...
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    Self heating drinks

    A decent chemistry section at your local library, if they have one.
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    Ethanol and cell membranes

    I'm told that ethanol crosses a cell membrane very easily and can screw up the inner workings of the cell. But ethanol is very hydrophilic, so shouldn't it have a really tough time crossing a phospholipid membrane? does it hijack a transport protein or something?
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    Is dog breeding evolution?

    As far as the OP goes, the important thing is how closely breeder selection mimicks a pattern of natural selection -- that is, whether creatures are being selected for their genotypes or phenotypes. For instance, in the early days of cattle breeding (and in most cows today, in fact), breeding...
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    Germ-line cells

    Of course mutations gather in germ-line cells.
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    Cat urine in pool chemical room

    You could try locking your cat out of the room. Just a thought.
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    Hm turning a sphere inside out what's the point?

    A concept in pure maths can have a use that is not apparent until several decades after it's been discovered.
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    How to melt ice?

    Are you allowed to breathe on it?
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    [Quick question] A bird's fall.

    It depends on how small your units when measuring time. In a perfect model, there it a POINT in time when the ball is motionless, but this does not take up any AMOUNT of time. Sorry i'm bad at explaining things.
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    How to melt ice?

    If you're not allowed to physically crush the ice, heat it on a wire rack. Allow the ice to sink into the rack and the water to drop off. But crushing is better.
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    Totally random?

    If the ball is not moving in circular motion, it is not experiencing a centripetal force -- the concept does not make sense. Centripetal force is whatever force causes the accelleration necessary for centripetal motion. Without motion the question makes no sense. It's best to think of in terms...
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    Chemistry Polar molecule

    H2O does not have any double bonds, BTW; its electron distribution is why it's a different shape to CO2 (as Kushal pointed out). Only vaguely related to the question, but an important concept.
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    2 interesting think questions

    That's the same conclusion I reached.
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    Methane from Carbon Dioxide and Hydrogen

    No, no, you're missing the point. Converting CO2 to methane would take more energy than what you'd get out of burning it (the energy used in CO2 --> methane would be equal to the energy gained in methane --> CO2, plus energy would be lost in the process because no process is 100% energy...