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    PF Member Photo Thread Archive

    Cute ????????? Monique, are you well ???? i mean it!
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    I am being kot by some kops ?

    I am uisng Kazaa to download music and i see clearly that there is an IP call for example abc-cable.katch.xyx.nmop. Whenever i use kazaa, i see that intrusive stickie cutie but curse-like address. There is not only me downloading music, there are millions of people around the world, why those...
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    Friday July 16th

    Congratulations Enjoy yourself, Kerrie !!!! --lol--
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    PF Screensaver

    It is not a spyware right? I am now going to download it ! :lol--
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    Race car.

    I would never join the race if I were you. I don't and will NEVAR join any of such a race. I am having a driving test this summer, a Japanese license since my previous international one is out of date.
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    Adrenaline's Birthday

    He now gets one year younger, Hurah Hurah If I count from the forty ! :tongue2: Congratulations :lol:
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    Believe me Believe you

    Isn't it skepticism i am in ? I wanted to know what people think because I dont know if they have something similar. But okay, it was read yesterday, i am sure, i am sure really sure though i couldnt see how it was read but i feel it in my heart, in my bone, true... Can evo delete this...
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    Aol ip address 176 or 172?

    Oh, no, I am not!
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    Aol ip address 176 or 172?

    Yes, I am. You know, as an anoying character as Guysl used to call me, Sorry Brad! I wasnot trying to love you with all my heart...My bad!
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    Aol ip address 176 or 172?

    If you think this is a question for development though it is clumpsy or so, why dont you give me the answers ? How do you check it ? What tools/software do you use to do that ? I always heard someone say because of development, of choosing the most fitness, of taking the best one and ignoring...
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    Believe me Believe you

    "why I must believe you, why you must believe me" is what I hear from time to time. So, do you ever wonder why people say that ? I dont know...I actually dont wonder much but why you think I am always wondering. You shouldn't believe me because I am actually a liar! Oh, i didnt know what to...
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    Aol ip address 176 or 172?

    What 'jumped' in ? Why ?
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    Aol ip address 176 or 172?

    For future development...
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    Aol ip address 176 or 172?

    1>Are there any exceptions ? Even when you can trace out the IP addresses, sometimes I guess you can only figure out the server he/she is using... 2>Another question i'd like to make, what you can conclude about a certain Source DNS you know ? I mean what can you do with it ? 3>How can you...
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    Aol ip address 176 or 172?

    When you use AOL, can people check out which state are you coming from ? Are those people's Ip addresses started with 176 or 172 right ? sorry I dont remember it now. Thanks