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    Looking for rigorous General Chemistry textbook

    Why not find out what text the students will be using for homework problems? That way you'll be ready for whatever they throw at you
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    Real world chemistry problem

    So I work at an assisted living facility where part of my job description is to administer medications in the morning. There is one resident who takes Miralax (polyethylene glycol) mixed in with water once per day for constipation. This is a doctor's order, so he must get it every day. The...
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    [Neuroscience] Neurophenomenology

    From your link: "Neurophenomenological (NP) methods integrate objective and subjective data in ways that retain the statistical power of established disciplines (like cognitive science) while embracing the value of first-person reports of experience." Using first-person reports is common in...
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    Need good argument for why vaccinations are a good thing.

    I would say: The decision to use any drug or vaccine involves a cost-benefit analysis. In most cases with vaccines the benefits far outweigh the costs. But: you don't want to stick yourself or your kid with every vaccine ever made as quickly as possible. You want to space them out, and some...
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    Norway's controversial 'cushy prison' experiment

    In the U.S., prison is an industry. Start reading up on this and you will be disgusted. Conditions in prisons should be similar to conditions in a psychiatric hospital, in my opinion. Obviously greater precautions would have to be taken due to safety concerns. Saunas and sunbeds are going a...
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    Recommendations for SEVERAL intro science texts

    Thank you for the recommendations. I guess what I'm trying to achieve here is a way of trying to nibble at the "big picture" here and there on my own time, while taking bigger bites when I'm taking classes. Most of these subjects are requirements for the major - biology, physics, math, and...
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    Recommendations for SEVERAL intro science texts

    Check out this image from the wikipedia article on "science": I'm looking for some recommendations. I'm interested in checking out one (or possibly two) introductory textbooks on each of the subjects in the "hierarchy of science"...
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    Medical Good online sources for medical & health research

    Thanks for the replies! Good links. I noticed after I posted that you have a sticky with some resources, so I'll check that out too.
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    Medical Good online sources for medical & health research

    I'm looking for a place online that lists and/or describes recent medical studies on various issues. For example, I've heard conflicting information on whether Omega 3 supplements (fish oil) can help prevent memory loss. Some studies have indicated yes, others no. What I'm looking for is a place...
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    If the greatest mathematicians / physicists where alive today Fox News is usually horrible, but this article's not too bad.