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    Carbon Monoxide Oxidized by OH- not O2?

    Thank you very much. That clears up most of my confusion.
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    Carbon Monoxide Oxidized by OH- not O2?

    Because, essentially, when I think of things oxidizing in air, I think of them burning in oxygen. As you point out, not necessarily so. However, I also usually think of solids and liquids not burning in the air at room temperature, because the constituent molecules are bound to each other...
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    Why is the Vapour pressure of Water Constant ?

    [OK, second attempt to answer this. My first attempt was thrown away when I clicked "submit", and discovered that the forum software had silently logged me out for my convenience and safety. I will refrain from transcribing my verbal comments at that time. An hour's work, while I figured this...
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    Carbon Monoxide Oxidized by OH- not O2?

    I thought that carbon monoxide in normal room air would be oxidized by the oxygen in the air, and that this would happen fairly quickly. Instead, I was astonished to read that CO is oxidized by the hydroxyl ion. Indeed, most flammable gases in the atmosphere seem to be consumed by hydroxyl...