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    Well, I've forgotten intermediate algebra

    University used bookstores are great places for this as well. I've actually spent the last 3 months working through a pre-calculus textbook that I only paid $5 for used. Between that, khanacademy, and other sources it's been fairly painless. I just go through a section one day and do all the...
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    Happy Pi day! Down with Pi?

    Seems equally easy to remember as with pi to me. That is, if you were a person learning from scratch.
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    Happy Pi day! Down with Pi?

    I think the point is that the radius is the fundamental unit. Diameter can always be broken down into radius. Plus.. in real life you can't just take a tape measure and hope to find the absolute value of the diameter. This is because you can't be sure you're going through the center of the...
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    Happy Pi day! Down with Pi?

    Curious on people's thoughts. Especially since most people here are a lot better at math than me!
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    Trig Need help, thanks! Equation

    What is the reference angle for 380 degrees? Think how that relates to the sin of 20 degrees and tan. The value for tan should pop out at you! Edit: Then think about what the reference angle for 200 degrees is.
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    Trig Question

    Well, first, your picture must be incorrect. A tangent line will touch the circle at a single point only. Are you sure that's all the information you have?
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    Help on vocab.

    It's the symbol for an intersection in set theory. So, it refers to the elements that are common to both sets. For example, if you had these two sets: {1,2,3,4} {3,4,5,6} The elements common to both sets would be 3 and 4. (Where the two sets intersect).
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    What's with the brain controlling head,arm,leg in an upside down way?

    It means that if you move your leg, for example, that a particular area of the motor cortex will be active. Of those neurons that are active, a certain number of them will connect to other neurons (or many other neurons) that eventually exit the brain as a nerve bundle of axons that control the...
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    Complex Math Logic Problem

    Edit: I just noticed this is a take home exam, so I'm only going to give you a vague hint. You know you have three categories, and you know that those categories overlap. Is there anything you learned in class that could visually show 3 overlapping categories?
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    Calculators Should i bother getting a graphing calculator?

    I have a cheap Texas instruments scientific calculator (under $15) that can find standard deviation, standard error, sums of squares, and other statistical information. No it can't do linear regression (or any other kind of regression), but I would much rather do those things with software...
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    Calculators Should i bother getting a graphing calculator?

    Agreed, if you're doing statistics then a full computer with software is far superior. Who wants to spend all day entering data sets?
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    Calculators Should i bother getting a graphing calculator?

    Just as a tip if you decide you need one, Ebay is actually a good place to get a good deal on a graphing calculator, especially during the summer when people are trying to get rid of them. Graphing calculators don't seem to change a whole lot, so getting a good used one might be a great way to...
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    Calculating Averages: Not so simple after all?

    What you're doing is actually very interesting because it is very similar to how statistics works. You could think of taking the average of all of the numbers as finding the true average of that population of numbers. Taking the average of all small subsets is similar to statistical sampling...
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    Biology research - do ppl have to argue for how relevant+interesting it is?

    A lot of it does have to do with who's willing to give you money to do the research. Hence why medical-related research is focused on so much. A granting agency is also going to be more willing to fund you for an established model organism. Not to mention facilities/procedures are already...