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    Quantum Computers

    I'm trying to decide what field I want to study in pursuit of a PhD (not in grad school yet). I have an undergrad degree in physics and math (I graduated last year but decided to take a couple year off from school for personal reasons). I have good grades, graduate courses, and some research in...
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    Quantum Computers

    How hard is it to get into the quantum computer/information theory programs at the top universities? Are they easier to get into than theoretical particle physics or pure math? I would guess it would be just as difficult, but I hardly ever meet or read about people that are interested in that field.
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    Schools Functional Analysis, Neuroscience, and Grad School

    I'm going to be applying to grad schools next year (I have an undergrad degree in math and phyisics), and I have narrowed down my areas of interest to two fields: functional analysis and it's involvement in QFT; and computational/theoretical neuroscience. I find pure math more enjoyable, but I'm...