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    Linear Algebra - Vectorial Subespaces

    Homework Statement It's about Linear Algebra and vector spaces. I've tried it but i can't get the solution...: In C^{5}, the vectorial subespace U generated for (1,2,-1,-1,2), (0,2,-1,0,-2), (00,2,-1,0) and the vectorial subespace V generated for (3,3,0,-5,2), (1,1,0,-3,2), (1,1,0,1,-2). I...
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    Determinant of matrix

    Alright, so, if I have a determinant with n=4, i add all the rows to the first and i get (4-n +4-n +4-n +4-n), so, it's 0. Is there any other process? Thank you.
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    Determinant of matrix

    Thx for your reply, but I can't see how u get to this solution.. Can u show me the process? Thanks again!
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    Determinant of matrix

    How can I get the determinant of this matrix? 1-n 1 ....1 1 1 1-n ...1 1 . . . . . . . . 1 1 .... 1 1-n I think that the answer is 0 but... why? Thank you.