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    Quantifying Significance In Re-ordering Of a Set

    Great reply, thanks - I see what you mean, and that I need much more understanding. Perhaps I need a statistics degree :) Maybe I will try to find a basic book. Do you have thoughts? OK, I think I didn't explain properly. The algorithm takes a set of numbers, and re-orders them. I then look...
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    Quantifying Significance In Re-ordering Of a Set

    Hi folks, I have what I think is quite a basic question, but I'm looking for options. So, I have data that consists of a set of numbers (this is not a set theory question) - each number can be ascribed to one of two groups (the source of the number). Now, I have knowledge of the source...
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    Physics How do theoretical physicists conduct research?

    It completely depends on what you're doing. Theoretical physics is an umbrella term, encompassing hundreds of different research disciplines. I know theorists that spend all day programming. Some spend all day modelling. Some spend all day sitting with a pen and paper, resulting in some...
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    Physics Computational physics

    What fss said. Re: the rest, no one thing will 'land you a job' from university. Thinking about taking an MSc at the moment is just a little silly (:smile:), don't worry about that until you've punished yourself for a few years already. You also shouldn't think about grad school in general...
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    Looking for some career advice please

    It sounds as though you need to make an appointment with your university careers service ASAP. At least where I come from, many universities have stopped taking applications for PhDs starting this year which, as you are graduating in June, is a problem. Similarly, most graduate programmes in...
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    Getting a Ph.D. in a subject unrelated to undergraduate projects?

    And you'll have a physics degree. Any experience with research projects is valuable - at undergraduate it isn't so much about the things you know as it is about how you learn them.
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    Astrophysics; Money matters ?

    You'll have a good skill set with a BSc degree in physics/astrophysics. If you wanted you could apply to almost all of the same jobs that you could get with an engineering degree, so I wouldn't worry about disparity in the wages if you're willing to have any job. You could apply for graduate...
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    Careers in science doing science

    In industry, and academia, a large part of your job nowadays is always going to be making presentations, writing reports and sending/replying to emails. You need to be able to tell people why they should pay you, and you need to do it often. Computational work is a good way to get things...
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    Math Math degree useless without knowing programming?

    MATLAB on it's own would be fine (you could also check to see if you can take a stats class that uses R - which is also pretty useful). It's in use across lots of disciplines, and will be a good start into learning something like C++ if the need ever arises. It would be good for the CV to be...
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    Academic guidance in theoretical physics

    Yes, exactly. You'll make a 'soft' decision when you apply, but essentially when you apply to Glasgow you apply to the faculty, and not really the subject. So applying to physics means applying to the faculty of science (though they've changed the names to schools or something now) - which means...
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    Academic guidance in theoretical physics

    I have quite a bit of experience with the University of Glasgow, so feel free to PM me if you have any specific questions. The University of Glasgow programme is designed such that you don't actually have to answer these questions just now. You have to apply to a specific course code, but it...
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    Physics Physics a worthless degree?

    Nope - that's complete nonsense. And I don't know where you're getting that 'general consensus' from - I spend a lot of time in these parts of the forums and I definitely wouldn't say that. The "physics and maths is only useful for high school teaching" is an opinion normally only held by people...
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    Social Sciences?

    You also need to think about what you mean by 'useful'. Think about what your choices at university do/mean to you as a person. It's good to have a bit of worldly knowledge, which is partly why electives exist in the first place. You'll be more well rounded, will pick up a few new skills and...
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    Is College A Rip Off?

    This isn't true, at all, and represents a fundamental misunderstanding of what college is about. I'm sure if you end up going to one, you'll find out. Mathematics is a great degree to have specifically because you get so many options. The world is a big place, but I'm sure you'll grow to...