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    Great Website

    I found a great website on how to apply for a physics PhD: She has sample statements of purpose, timelines and whatnot. John G.
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    Practical questions

    Another way to save perimeter institute video is to use the VLC media player. This is a free cross-platform media player available here: If you need support for the VLC media player you can go here: Good Luck John G.
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    Zwiebach's string theory book

    Hello everyone, I've sent the Zwiebach solution set to every email on page 3 of this thread. I have also added the file to my emule file sharing folder, but with only three sources it may take a while to download. So if you can please add the solution set to your file sharing folder. John G.
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    Zwiebach's string theory book

    I'll put the zip file available for download via emule, of course you will need a little patience. Here is a link...
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    Zwiebach's string theory book

    If sending the solutions directly to someone's email is problematic then I suggest you use: It is a free email service that allows you to send an email message with a large attachment (< 100MB) to any email address or addresses. The way it works is you upload the...
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    Mathematica Mathematical methods of String Theory

    You're right self adjoint. The range of mathematical subjects that need to be mastered at some depth is quite daunting, even for a mathematican. John G.
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    Mathematica Mathematical methods of String Theory has a list of the mathematical subjects you will need to learn: Good Luck John G.
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    Peak Oil

    Hello everyone, as you may well know gas prices are high and will probably remain high for a little while. Yet, there is one thing people rarely talk about and that is that oil is a non renewable resource and there is only a finite amount left in the earth. In the long run gas prices will...
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    Dimensional Model

    Here are some images of "Calabi-Yau" projections:" Here is the definition of a "Calabi-Yau" space: Though not exactly what you may be looking...
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    About this whole question of when a theory is scientific

    Let's all just calm down, this is getting personal. Taking personal shots at Peter Woit and Lee Smolin won't help your arguement. You're making the implict logical assumption that given enough understanding string theory will be able to make falsifiable predictions and that one day we will...
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    About this whole question of when a theory is scientific

    Hello Josh1 Nope I don't claim anything new, it's just that Peter Woit and Lee Smolin are leading researchers in the field with a deep understanding of String theory and LQG, and I value their opinions quite highly. The message I intended to convey is simply that string theory is in crisis...
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    About this whole question of when a theory is scientific

    Don't take my word for it, you can reference Peter Woit's blog: and Lee Smolin's Take On the Current State of Fundemental Physics...
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    About this whole question of when a theory is scientific

    String theory is in principle testable but, it is not falsifiable, for whatever the results of any experiement the string theorist can tweak one of the many parameters to make the theory fit the data. My impression of string theory is that theorists used advanced mathematical techniques to...
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    Different orders of dimensions

    You still haven't answered the question, what is a dimension? You use the word dimension but do you know what it means? John G.
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    Different orders of dimensions

    Before we even begin to talk about dimensions, we must ask the following questions: what is a dimension physically? What is space physically? Before we can order dimensions we must be clear as to what exactly we are talking about. Also what is the conceptual difference between dimension and the...