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    Einstein's Intelligence Quiz ?

    i think the dane owns the fish
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    Girl problem

    there is a big problem. its another girl problem.. the girl whom i like "respects me". i wanted to come close to her as a friend but like all others in my school she thinks me to be a crazy eccentric mathematical physicist. her friends told me that i should talk to her in an interesting way...
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    Theory of everything

    all what we know about the world around us is the product of abstract human thought. the world is human imagination and so theories like super string and m theory are also imagination and i believe any abstract and original imagination can explain the human imagination of the world and reality.
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    On E=mc2

    when theory of relativity declares speed of light to be the limit for speeds of all matter and energy and information. then, how can einstein in his mass-energy eqn talk about c squared. we can't talk about any velocity more than c. it is possible that e = mck where the value of constant k...
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    A question

    the light postulate has been exhaustively verified a number of times. a good example is comparison of speed of light emitted by high speed pions in an accelerator and that by a stationary source. interestingly, both were found to be equal.