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    Space turuss problem statics

    Homework Statement FIND A FORCE OF A 3-D TRUSS Homework Equations ƩFX=0 ƩFY=0 ƩFZ=0 The Attempt at a Solution I figured out rB(2i,-1j,0), rc(2i,1j,0),rd(1i,0,2k) can you check if my vectors r right. After find the vectors of point B,C,D I calculated the unit vector, not I am...
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    Mechanics statics couple moment problem

    Homework Statement Find the force 'p' and angle 'alpha'. Homework Equations m=rXf The Attempt at a Solution I calculated the couple moment by using M=rXf, I plugged r=12 and f=8 and the answer come out to be 96 lb.m. After finding the couple moment I am stuck now, I could not...