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    What is tension in a string/rope/wire/etc?

    Does T1 just = 98 N due to T2 cancelling the 147 N force exerted by the second mass or would you add the tension caused by the weight of the second mass to T1 making it 245 N?
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    Create a graph of the position of a damped oscillator as a function of time.

    This is an assignment for a class titled "Intro to Scientific Programming" and it is a prerequisite for Computational Physics. Homework Statement Create a graph of the position of a damped oscillator as a function of time. Homework Equations The equation is x = A*e^((-b/2m)*t)cos(omega*t...
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    Feeling very discouraged

    I just took my first Physics I(An honors intro mechanics course) test. I know I did very poorly, probably a low C or high D. The professor told us that it would be similar to a practice test that he gave us, but it wasn't, it was much more difficult. It was timed and I literally only finished a...
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    Programs As a brand new physics major, I have a question.

    Thank you everyone for all your replies! I have just found out that the physics department at my uni has a consultation room that is staffed by a grad student during most of the day. I will definitely be utilizing this resource, as my professors office hours are pretty sparse and don't work very...
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    Programs As a brand new physics major, I have a question.

    This is my first semester at uni so, I am also enrolled in my first physics class. It is an honors mechanics class. So far, there have been 2 problem sets of around 20 questions. The questions in the problem sets are orders of magnitude more difficult than anything covered in class. It comes to...
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    A question on math essentials

    How about Shakespeare on Chinese history? Thanks for that link. I'll definitely work through some of that.
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    A question on math essentials

    Thanks Ill check that book out. Is it at all similar to this one? I came across that one at a used bookstore for like 5$ and picked it up. At my uni all physics majors have to take a scientific computing and computational physics...
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    A question on math essentials

    After this coming semester I will have Vector Calc, Intro to ODEs, and Intro to Linear Algebra under my belt. What math essentials for undergrad physics will there be left for me to do? The department at my uni doesn't have any requirements after these(LinAlg actually isn't a requirement at...
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    My dream experience

    I had a dream last night where I fell asleep in the dream and had a dream within the dream where I explored the past of who I was in the dream. I woke up and thought I was out of it, only to wake up again O_O.
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    Best Guitarist Ever

    At this point in time I think Guthrie Govan and Tosin Abasi take the cake. Guthrie Govan Improv- A song of Tosin Abasi's band, Animals as Leaders-
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    Physics Physics a worthless degree?

    So 1 out of 10 physics PhDs acquire a professorship, which entails research. But how many physics PhDs out of 10, including the 1 the gets the professorship, actually end up with a job in their field? At research institutes, national labs, research positions at universities, etc... and not just...
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    How much was/is YOUR student loan

    My loan for the fall is about $2k subsidized. Hopefully after the end of this coming fall semester I'll be on a full ride financial aid/scholarship package :D.
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    Integration in physics

    I've just started integral calc and I'm just curious as to the application of integration in physics. Being a new physics major(started this summer), this is something I have not yet encountered. What is finding the area under a curve used for?
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    Question on Proofs

    I'm currently in the middle of the Calc I-III string and I was wondering how much time I should dedicate to studying the proofs, if any time at all. I'm a physics major but I do plan on going on in math after I've taken all of the general curricula because I intend to pursue theory.