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    Numerical Nuclear Reactor

    Thanks for link, I did some undergrad work for Dr. Downar (great guy and very good prof) back in the late 80s (Integral Fast Reactor, Depletion Perturbation Theory) and it was good to see what they are up to.
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    Nuclear Power plant question

    Most safety systems are designed to mitigate the *effects* of the LOCA, not prevent it. These items generally consist of pressure suppression or pressure capability of the containment, pressure relief of the reactor vessel, core reflood, containment of radioactive material, ventilation, etc...
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    Can a nuke power plant just blow up?

    NUREG-1250 has detailed description of the Chernobyl design and accident if you can find a copy (didn't see it on their wed site) When the rods were fully withdrawn, the bottom and top meter of the rod were water and the middle 5m was graphite. So when the rods were inserted, the bottom meter...
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    Minimum Nuclear Charge Threshold?

    See the following for a description of the "Davey Crockett" which used the W54 warhead which had a minimum yield of only 10 tons." [Broken]
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    Containment Dome Specs?

    I'm unclear on your request. I will try to help out if you can clarify your request for me. Exactly what part of 10CFR73 are you looking at? Are you referring to a PWR or BWR containment? What do your mean by "16 psig overpressure"? It almost sounds like you are talking external pressure...
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    Nuclear Engineering - Grad School R.O.I.?

    Typing in "nuclear engineer" into, I got 288 hits. Granted, all of these aren't "real nuclear engineering" jobs but as NE with 15 years exp, my take on the job market for NEs is that it's very strong. BSNEs generally command higher salaries and bonuses with utilities than MEs or...
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    Practical size limit to nuclear power plant?

    You are correct that no single nuke puts out 2000 MWe, the turbine-generator is currently the limiting component at ~1600 MWe or 1700+ MVA. There was a plan to place several 1500 MWth nukes on a site and drive one large turbine-generator but it never got very far IIRC.
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    Please read, my grade depends on it

    Send me an email at and I will reply.
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    Nuclear Engineers - Stuck Working in Desolate Areas?

    Take a look at and type in "nuclear engineer" or or and take a look through the postings. Note that many of the .gov jobs other than the NRC require advanced degrees. It's also my gut feeling that there are many more opportunities in the utility side. Good luck.
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    Nuclear Engineers - Stuck Working in Desolate Areas?

    Are there many opportunities for you to live in Manhattan, no, but it's not quite as bleak as you think. A map of north american plants can be found here: [Broken] Some plants/facilities near (within 30-60 miles) major cites...
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    Touching weps grade uranium/plutonium

    Hmm, it seems that everyone (including the .gov) has this wrong... Having skimmed the NNPA, I didn't find anything prohibiting commercial reprocessing. Perhaps you...
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    Touching weps grade uranium/plutonium

    It took me about 10 seconds to go to and enter "uranium resources" The first link gave a pretty good overview in just a few paragraphs. This thread was also on the front page...
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    Touching weps grade uranium/plutonium

    President Reagan rescinded Carter's ban on reprocessing. [Broken] Early reprocessing attempts were less than successful, i.e. West Valley, Morris, Savannah River, and with the price of uranium staying well below the costs estimated at the...