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    Antiderivative of some functions

    Anyone know how to get antiderivative of these? I am stuck. 1) cos(t^5) 2) tan(x^2) 3) (1-x^2)^(1/3) Any explaination on how to do these would be appreciated.
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    Work And Power Problem

    Did you try using P = Fv W = Fx Because those two formula would give you the answer for velocity/speed by rearranging the variables around.
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    Question about forces

    Tension force is the same as normal force in that tension is pulled, not pushed. For example someone pulls a wagon of 10kg at 5m/s^2. Well, F = ma and since tension is the same as force, T = ma. T = (10kg)(5/m/s^2) = 50N. Frictional Force is found by using the formula f=umg, where u = the...
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    I need sumone to help me on a few probs

    I know that A doesn't work because A is acceleration, which is gravity. If A was a positive vector, then your rock would zoom into the air and never come back. g = -9.81 m/s^2 And I believe that the accelation for choice C is also gravity... Not sure about the [C] one, I find this post...
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    I need sumone to help me on a few probs

    Yes, that dimension test with [L] [M] [T] works wonders for me. [L] = [L] + [L/T][T] + C[L/T^2][T^2]
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    I need sumone to help me on a few probs

    Its x = xi + Vi(t) + (1/2)a(t)^2
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    Perfectly Inelastic Collision

    Ah thanks, I see what I did wrong. Gosh, such a silly algebra mistake.
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    Perfectly Inelastic Collision

    This is probably easy for most people, but I can't quiet seem to understand it. Two automobiles have a perfectly inelastic collision. The automobiles, which are identical models except for the color and which contain only drivers of identical masses, meet at an intersection. Each was moving...