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    Second Order Nonlinear ODE

    I am not exactly what follows in the next steps. Would integrating y' d(y') give me ((y')^2)/2 or something else? If it does give me that answer, then I get y to be y=\frac{5}{2}x\sqrt[5]{\frac{-16}{3}}
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    Second Order Nonlinear ODE

    It appears to be logical to use separation of variables to get y'd(y')=8y^-4dy and then integrate to get the solution?
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    Second Order Nonlinear ODE

    1. y''y^4 = 8 I tried almost every method I know, including laplace transforms, variation of parameters, reductin of order, v=y' substitution
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    Convergence of Unique Fourier Series

    Hi, I'm new to this forum, so I apologize if my LaTeX looks messed up. 1. Find the Fourier Series for f(x) = \sqrt{|x|} and prove it converges to f(x) 3. So, I've thus far proved that \sqrt{|x|} is piecewise continuous by proving that the limit as x approaches 0 (from both the right and...