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    Ask a Stupid Quetion Get a Stupid Answer

    how about having a concurrent program running pior to a time wasting schedule while quantum-ly having to answer your question with what i do not know about? ok im writing crap. so how did the word CRAP come about? cant people just say DAMN.....wait how did that come up too?? ?
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    Ask a Stupid Quetion Get a Stupid Answer

    no, u keep it going until the creater wans to kick it aside. if old threads are to be kicked,old clocks kicked aside, nerds get kicked around by gangsters, then do old people have to be kicked too?
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    Chaos, horror, mayhem in my neighborhood

    well you could put up a sign of your own to tell people to do whas right. or you caould place a big rock there and see which fool would still try to drive across it.
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    Blood smell

    hah! what a question you got there porums. if its a describing word there would be plently but i dont think there is such a word to be used to show the smell of blood.
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    Clapping Hands.

    well, to me i guesss is the compression of air, maybe the moeclues. the forces applied and all make the sound when you clap your hands. Xp
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    I want to build a single person helicopter.

    .....ya right.. and that will work.. well not wanting to burst your bright bubble but that is almost impossible....the designs and functions of a motorcyle engine and that of a helicopter's are different. and, i dont think we are allowed to just create machines out of no where and miss the eyes...
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    Education Path

    well jordan, your aims are high and these things on top are gonna be quite a problem. i suggest u go on a holiday and have fun with 'the wife' and then, AFTER HAVING HER UNDERSTAND your thrist for knowledge, go for it! oh, and about the studying on the bus and stuff, these are not gonna help...
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    Forces on a slope

    i believe what star* says is right. im just here to tell you if you need basics for kinematics, visit my blog!
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    Valence electron

    every atom does have a valence shell but some are stable gases. careful with the numbers. try using a periodic table to ensure your answer and rmb 1cm3 is 1cm x 1cm x 1cm. dont just x3 it. many people make these mistakes
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    Uh oh poor kitty =(

    .... thats bad. you will have to watch him all day! take one eye of him and he willl start bleding again. cats tend to lick their wounds....
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    Taylor Series Question

    i dont know abput you. but i only got notes on these questions. cheak then for refernbce. my blog can be found at the top blogs section. kaixuan
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    Consider the differential equation dy/dx = (y-1)^2 cos(Πx)

    i dont know much but i do know that u need to get your basics right. come see the lastest post in my blog. the web link may be of help
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    Does lightning create ozone?

    well that could be a thought but i dont really think it is possible though. and i think you spelt your last word wrong...:rofl: well, but iff it is true, then you will have along way to go into this!:rolleyes:
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    Does lightning create ozone?

    lighting creating ozone? well, i never heared of it before. but firstly, how would you get lighting up into the upper ozone area?