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    The Curious Incident of the Dog

    The dog was resting at home. It was 35 years old. :)
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    Login problem

    I didn´t know this one... very, very nice. thks!!
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    Login problem

    The biologon is by the ***? Nothing is wrong with the computer!
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    IQ test 2

    The answer is:
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    Traversing three rooms

    Some parts of the solution:
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    IQ test

    The answer is: Logic is:
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    Prisoner and Hats puzzle (variation)

    The #1´s hat is: Logic:
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    Traversing three rooms

    I bypass the minor "tricky" statements - no problem to identify the doors (and no problemas with the knobs). I try to see he questions as fair as logical. So, it seems a matter of determine slices of time (8 unknown and 2 known - 10 slices). And to measure time we need a reference. So we can...
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    Traversing three rooms

    Do you think heart beat rate a usefull way for time measuring?
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    Traversing three rooms

    A few years ago a tryed to solve this problem. A got some reasonable solutions and one very good solution (I think the central question is to obtain a accurate way to masure time) but I don´t know if it´s the best one. This problem is from An Arab man and an Israeli woman...
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    Cutting the cake

    No cuts (zero) and one piece! 2 cuts and 3 pieces!
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    The Curious Incident of the Dog

    As Jonathan said, there is no 3 and 5 multiples and no 3 and 5 digits either.
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    The Curious Incident of the Dog

    The answer is:
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    What is next?

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    Infinite String and Letter Puzzle

    I Think it´s: