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    Displacement from Dallas to Chicago

    Your best bet is to draw a triangle and fill it in with the information you have. You're given two of the lengths so all you need to do is find one of the internal angles and then apply the cosine rule. Remember that on a flat Earth that there are 90 degrees between North and East, East and...
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    Neutron absorption cross section

    Does anyone know anywhere where I can find reliable up-to-date cross section infromation? In particular I'm looking for the absorption cross section of Gadolinium-157 for thermal neutrons. Everywhere I look seems to give a different value ranging fro 70000barns up to 450000barns.
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    Examine the reaction in which uranium fractures

    Have an attempt first, no one is just going to give you an answer. But, you need to start by looking at the binding energies of each of the nuclei.
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    Transient Analysis

    Thanks. I know that a lot of vendors use their own 'in-house' codes and don't distribute them commercially but is there any way of getting more information about them for a comparison to S3K? I'm trying to compare to see how they stand up to each other. Any type of benchmark test results would...
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    Transient Analysis

    At the moment I'n involved with a project that is using the S3K transient analysis code. I was wondering if anyone knows of a different code that will perform transient neutronic operations. Thanks in advance