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    Anyone watching Game of Thrones? (spoilers)

    Was it ever revealed what happened to Jon Snows uncle after he went north of the wall? Season 6 is torturous to watch on a weekly basis! I just want to see 'the mountain' do something cool!
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    Random Thoughts Part 5

    I was reading an article in new scientist about a wearable polymer called second skin, and all I could think about was that scene from game of thrones when the hot redhead turns into a saggy old witch, the future of dating has never seemed so terrifying!
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    Studying Share self-studying mathematics tips

    I've been studying mathematics on my own for awhile using khan academy and textbooks, one thing I'm really struggling with is how the concepts are related.. is mathematics a unified field? Also I'm having great difficulty determining if I have gaps in my knowledge, if somebody could give a rough...
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    How much credit does Newton deserve?

    Nope, it just my opinion based upon my experience of human nature.
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    Why 0/0 not = 1

    Hmm I was using 'axiom' in it's broadest sense though your point is well taken, thanks.
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    How much credit does Newton deserve?

    Newton said something like 'if I saw further it was by standing on the shoulders of giants' which is suggestive that he built on others work. I think Galileo had already discovered Newton's first law but Newton gets the credit because he took it and built it into a comprehensive theory...
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    Why 0/0 not = 1

    It's an axiom that division by zero is undefined, conceptually it makes sense because it makes no sense to ask ' how much nothing goes into something '. It's also interesting to note that you cant divide any number by another and obtain a non-approximate zero. Pure mathematics makes my head hurt.