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    Have you ever taken a class in Philosophy?

    I took a political philosophy class a few years ago. I enjoyed it immensely though I didn't really read anything that I felt spoke to me on a personal level. That came later.
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    Collection of Lame Jokes

    We have to go to the veterinarian. (Why?) Because *flex biceps* these pythons are sick!!
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    Why do we as humans enjoy kissing?

    I have read that chimpanzees have also been observed kissing each other. Are we (humans and chimpanzees) the only apes (or animals in general) that do this? From an evolutionary perspective, how did we develop this behavior?
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    Pf postcard club

    Thank you for the Christmas postcard Borek =)
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    Favorite xkcd

    Cat proximity:
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    Happy Thanksgiving!

    The great debate: Is cranberry sauce delicious or not? I love it, but my mom and boyfriend think it's gross (and it's very rare for my boyfriend to dislike a food!)
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    Favourite Quotes

    "If I seem insensitive to what you're going through, Captain, understand – it's the way I am." - Spock
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    Proud Mama

    Thanks for all your kind words. :smile:
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    Proud Mama

    Thanks everyone :) I'm sure I will feel homesick too, but I still can't wait!
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    Atheism and natural rights.

    Indeed, and there's a big difference between enforcing law yourself and having a third party (government) do it for you. Just the other day I was thinking about how if someone hurt a loved one, I would absolutely want them dead. However, I do not support the death penalty because I'm not...
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    Atheism and natural rights.

    If anyone is interested, here is an article that attempts to answer this same exact question:
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    Atheism and natural rights.

    I completely agree with you. That is why I am asking this question; because I don't look at a problem and think the answer is "god done it." It's the same thing when some theists think that just because there are questions that we cannot answer, god must be the answer to that question. It's a...
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    Atheism and natural rights.

    Yes, it is quite Western, and is especially popular among Libertarians/Conservatives. I expect that most people here would probably disagree with me and say that atheism is incompatable with natural rights, but I wanted to hear other people's input anyway.
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    Atheism and natural rights.

    Sorry if I was too vague in my first post. Indeed, John Locke's Second Treatise emphasizes natural rights and he greatly influenced the American founding fathers, who sometimes used the term "inalienable rights" to refer to the same concept. Some definitions: "Natural law or the law of...
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    Atheism and natural rights.

    Is atheism incompatable with the concept of natural rights? Most (or at least some) adherents to natural rights argue that human rights come from a god, or that there is an absolute morality that is the basis of natural rights. Atheists obviously do not believe in a god and most would...