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    Orientation of Satellites

    How are artificitial satellites made to point to the surface of the Earth as they orbit? Is it due their spin angular momentum?
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    About thermodynamics laws

    Yeah entropy (A measure of disorder) will tend to increase, meaning that everything will get more disordered as time progesses. Solids (Very ordered), Liquids (Disordered) and gases (Very disordered).
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    Speed of light

    No, but apparently swans make good propulsion for early space craft. Light particles or "Photons" are packets of energy that you can't catch. If you were to try and "grab" one with your hand and catch a ride you may be disappointed. Traveling at light speed is impossible for such a large mass as...
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    Floating Halo

    "Floating Halo" This is an oversimplification that assumes the earth is perfectly spherical, ignores gravitation pulls from objects other than the earth, assumes that a superstrong material could create a giant structure that can withstand enormous stress and that it's density is constant...
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    Hot water feels cold

    I guess it's because of two things: Firstly the transfer of energy from the "hot" particles in the water to your hand. Tempreture is a measure of kinetic energy of particles. A hotter tempreture means a greater velocity of the particles. For heat to be transferred the kinetic energy must be...
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    Racing Hot Wheels cars

    Increasing the mass and reducing the area of car exposed to the air would increase the "terminal velocity" of the car down the plane, (If that is the correct term for this situation.) Because all objects fall at the same rate, increasing the mass would not decrease it's acceleration. Also...
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    Neutron Interactions

    At a macroscopic level it appears that when two objects collide, they physically interact and the atoms touch. However the charges of the electrons actually repel one another and they don't physically touch. Correct? A neutron however has no charge so what happens when a neutron collides with...
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    Surface tension forces

    From what i know: Hydrogen bonding : Occurs between Hydrogen atoms and atoms of oxygen, fluorine and nitrogen. It is the strongest out of the three intermolecular forces listed here. Hydrogen bonds pull the molecules of water outwards, resulting in water being less dense when frozen than when...
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    Supergun compared to nuclear bombs

    I don't know. How much would it cost and how long would it take to inrich some weapons grade radioactive material? I'm pretty sure it's pretty costly for time and money. A railgun only requires a metal projectile, a strudy set of rails and a huge amount of electricity.
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    Spacetime - it warps, it curves, but can't expand?

    It sounds more like they are disagreeing with the idea that space is an object. Space is nothing. You are talking about the expansion of the universe? I guess the distance between objects is increasing but space cannot increase as it isn't anything.
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    Please help bh curve - hysterisis (electromagnetism) A graphical curve showing the relation between magnetic induction B and magnetizing force H for a magnetic material. Also known as magnetization curve. Just google it...
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    Tabletop to Floor, find Time

    For (a) all you need to know is how long the ball was in the air. Consider the ball along the y direction only. What is the inital velocity, displacement and acceleration? Stick thoose values into an equation of motion to find the value of time. For (b) once you know the time the ball is in...
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    Constant Acceleration Question

    Actually wait a minute ignore what i said. I assumed because you assumed the equation would be quadratic that it would be... if that makes any sense? You want an equation of speed vs time so you want time and speed to remain as symbols t and v.
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    Constant Acceleration Question

    Yeah that looks good. It asks you for a quadratic equation and the only equation of motion that contains a square of t is : s = ut + 0.5at^2
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    Constant Acceleration Question

    Yes all is correct expect your equation it's : v^2 = u^2 + 2as or as you would write Vf^2 = Vi^2 + 2ad I think you are confused, we are talking about only the first half of the journey, from the ground to the point where the object is at the point of coming back down (Has zero...