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    Triangle paradox

    I like to keep things simple and maybe that is my mistake. To me it is just the difference in length of the orange and green thinner sections. Please note the overall length of the red triangle is 8 blocks. There is only one way to combine the length of the orange and green blocks to make 8...
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    Mind challange when friends buys a car

    Hi everyone, Unless I am misreading the question, the answer is ABCD. To me the list of conditions is just that a list. IF this one does this than that one will be satisfied if he does this. In that case the only condition that has everyone happy in the end is condition 5 If D is last then C...
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    How many toothpicks are needed to win.

    I too made a mistake. I thought player 1 also picked up toothpicks first. After rereading the instructions, I now say that player one must put 51 or n*10+1 in order to win. I stand corrected.
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    How many toothpicks are needed to win.

    I'm sorry BobG got it backwards. You always want for you to have ten or more tooth picks on the table. Player 1 can put down any number over 55 to assure a win. Example: each player picks up 9 three times. It is players ones turn. There are only six left. He picks up five. Almost any combination...
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    Freedom or aligators use switches for code.

    Perfect answer: One prisoner designated as counter. That person is the only one allowed to turn switch B OFF otherwise they must toggle switch A. Everyone else will only turn switch B on IF IT IS THE FIRST TIME they see it off. Otherwise they must toggle switch A. No one is to turn switch B on...
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    Do you convict?

    Both the questions and the answers given make no sense. All that probability stuff is meaningless dribble. My answer is I do not convict. Can't be in two places at same time. The female defendant could not be both at the employers home and robbing this lady in an ally at 11:30am. Then, the...