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    What would be proof that God exists?

    ur absolutely right, the bible is full of contradictions, one question have you ever tried reading the quraan
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    What is your relgion?

    Wot do you mean a good reference book, have you seen the of contradictions in the bible. If this was the same book revealed to jesus, and it is gods word, why the imperfections. I thought god was supposed to be perfect.
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    Sunrise from west

    Sorry, i didnt make that clear, this prophet claimed that the sun will rise from the west on earth
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    Sunrise from west

    Did you guys know that the prophet of the religion of Islam, prophesiced that the Sen will rise from the West, and that is a a major sign of the coming of the day of judgement.
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    Sunrise from west

    I just recieved an email form a friend regarding the Retrograde Motion of Mars, and the email said that scientists reckon that all the planets of our solar system will go through this once on there life.