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    Studying Studying between semesters to prepare for a course

    It's a great way to prepare for you courses and to get a heads up on the course material. At my university, a lot of the course materials are made public online, so I collect all the past course material and study them well in advance. So, when the school term begins, attending the lectures...
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    Schools Advice on College

    smartness is overrated (to a certain degree), and the rest depends on how much you persevere.
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    Engineering Prospects of a Computer Engineer

    Yep, just to add onto what D H has said, a graduate degree gives you more credential when moving up the corporate ladder. Also, some jobs simply don't hire bachelors. With that said, some people provide a counter argument by saying that graduate degrees can make you over-qualified for certain jobs.
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    Schools Questions about University of Waterloo (Help greatly appreciated )

    I am not too familiar with the engineering program at my school, so I don’t want to give you any false information. In terms of learning curve, the first year calculus course is equivalent to AP Calculus + 25% new material. For the introductory programming courses, they quickly touch up on the...
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    Schools How important are the first 2 years of college?

    It is true that most grad schools are only concerned with the last 2 years, but the first 2 years still have some weight, especially when they ask for your cumulative average. In my opinion, as long as ace the last 2 years by taking the upper year version of the courses that you didn't do well...
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    Schools Questions about University of Waterloo (Help greatly appreciated )

    I'm currently an undergrad at Waterloo, hopefully I can answer your questions =) 1) Definitely live on residence during first year, this is usually the time where you meet most of your friends and form your inner circle. Although it might be a bit more expensive than living off campus, but the...
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    Is computer science right for me?

    I'm currently a computer science undergrad, and one thing that you need to know before going into computer science is that it entails more than just simple programming. You’ll need to learn algorithms, formal logic, data structures, and theory. Not saying this to scare you, but if you like it...