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    Most users ever online

    Hah, yeah that was one of my thoughts too.. Beheading, eh? :yuck: that's unpleasant That's cool that google helps PF traffic these days
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    Most users ever online

    Most users ever online was 1264, 05-13-2004 at 10:26 PM. Wow! What did I miss? Some mass gathering of PFlings? Is it going to happen again anytime soon?
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    PF Blog, are you in?

    That's cool, great idea Greg!
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    News Will the US reintroduce the draft?

    I doubt the draft will be reintroduced. If it is reintroduced, I would not support it mainly for two reasons. 1) Because I believe that military service is a good and honorable thing, but it should be voluntary. 2) Because President Bush said it would not be reintroduced before he was elected...
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    Infinite Galaxy

    It's a question that has a few possible answers. As AMT said, several scientists believe that our universe will eventually end in what is called the Big Crunch, while some believe it is possible that our universe is infinite. You can read more about the big crunch Here
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    Hey guys, I'm back

    Hey Hypatia, great to see you're still around! And thanks for making me feel at home again guys. Moonbear: First, thanks and nice to meet you. second: outside world. scary.dont.go.there. :biggrin:
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    Hey guys, I'm back

    Wow, am I in the right place? Physicsforums sure has changed. Nice seeing the familiar faces. And the thousands (Literally! remember the how long till 2000 members thread? Wow) of new members. See you guys around.