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    Contacting Professors at Graduate Programs

    Take one sentence to introduce yourself as a prospective graduate student - tell the professor where you are currently studying and when you hope to begin your PhD. Take a couple of sentences to tell the person what you find interesting about what they work on. If the professor has...
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    What does it take?

    Let me first say that you can probably get better advice by chatting with someone who knows your work - a professor or a tutor perhaps. I agree with Tic Tac that good grades don't necessarily correlate positively with scientific aptitude. Perhaps it is just as important to consider what do you...
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    At a crossroads (drop out? chase a dream? time out?)

    You write well and your post is very compelling. With regards to your lack of motivation: the reasons that people pursue a subject change as they mature and learn more about the field. Don't let this make you anxious. Just keep trying to make your classes interesting for yourself. Certainly you...
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    Finance and Math with 37points in IB? According to this website you need a 7 in HL maths and two other HL subjects with a 6.... The IBO seems to maintain information on the requirements for admission to universities...
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    After four long years as an engineering undergrad I'm about to change to science.

    Best of luck with the new boat. Do you have a timeline in mind for finishing your degree? Don't sweat your age - at most you're two or three years older than your current classmates and any differences you see will pretty much disappear by the time you graduate. And right now you have the...
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    Social advice?

    Conferences usually have poster sessions where the folks who aren't important enough to give talks get to present their work. There are usually lots of graduate students with posters who are more than happy to talk - and you won't need to feel intimidated. You can approach someone with a poster...
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    Schools Constructive Quantum Field Theory and Euro grad school

    In Germany and the Netherlands PhD candidates are hired as employees and are paid a good wage - but MSc candidates aren't. If you are a foreign student working towards an MSc you must pay tuition and cover your living expenses. Since you've already talked to a professor at your current...
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    Advice on Midlife Career Change?

    Perhaps you can ask your supervisor if there is anyone in particular he would like to recommend you to as a post doc. Are there other professors in the department who know you well enough to dispense advice?
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    A lot of curiousity

    I'm pretty sure that most universities schedule a short period of time (~10 minutes) between classes. Most of the time brisk walking is perfectly sufficient. Most campuses are not very car-friendly - which is a good thing. Campuses are meant to encourage people to interact. And nobody would...
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    Help with learning(Not homework)

    For you right now you should try to take all the math that you can - the math you need for physics builds on the math you learn in secondary school. Perhaps you can ask one of your teachers for more advice. PS: don't worry that you didn't know what the Δ meant. BioCore doesn't know that it's...
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    How do you know something is for you?

    Try lots of things. Volunteer. Read a lot.
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    Did i screw up getting a good letter of rec - bizarre story

    Could you have phoned for a taxi to the airport? Unless you were spacey during your REU as well I wouldn't worry too much. Everyone makes little mistakes like this occasionally. A postdoc I worked with once waited 4 hours at the airport to pick up a new grad student who hadn't sent his complete...
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    Crashed, Burned

    This is a tough situation. I have one friend who is in almost the same position as you - except he is 5 years older - and another friend who pulled himself out of a similar pit a few years ago. The latter also started university early, then bounced in and out of prestigious school for a while...
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    Would metal hitting metal or metal hitting glass make more noise?

    Metal is more elastic than glass - and so metals can be struck harder and vibrate at larger amplitudes without breaking. Maybe you can get a glass marble and a steel ball bearing and drop them on a metal plate and see what is louder.
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    I want to live a simple life out in the country.

    Homosexuals are like most people anywhere - they probably won't take any notice of you at all.